Tuesday, January 16, 2018

FACTR Annual Appeal


25 North 14th St.
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 807-1875

January 1, 2018

Dear Friend,
If ever immigrants need help, it is now! Times have been most dispiriting for immigrants
of all backgrounds, especially the legally stressed and most vulnerable, like the elderly
and children! And FACTR’s approach to the resilience and emotional well-being of the
immigrant is especially needed now more than ever. Our approach of weaving together
a repertoire of interventions at the case specific, clinical, level and the community
psychologal level is proving to be more necessary than ever.
However, in order to effectively utilize our resources, we have decided to focus on just
two mental health program options, one clinical and one, community psychological or
broad brushed in its approach! The two priority programs, then, are:
1. Our Immigration Deportation and Hardship Center (IDHC), a forensic mental
health program which incorporates the provision of forensic mental health
services at FACTR, which includes psycho social evaluations for use in
immigration courts, counseling and case management, and a psycho-education
program for children who are frightened and traumatized by the danger of
parental detention and/or deportation. IDHC helps the immigrant's story be told
more fully and fairly in court and, otherwise, addresses the painful experience of
living in the shadows of our society and being under the constant threat of family
disruption and separation due to unjust immigration policies.
2. Our Mindful Aging Project (MAP), a multi-cultural, inter-generational,
sustainable land use project, which is designed for elder immigrants in the Santa
Clara Valley, who, displaced due to war, ethnic cleansing and extreme poverty,
are isolated, poorly integrated, depressed and often lost between their homeland
and the new land to which they have emigrated. MAP will help elder immigrants
learn the new art of sustainable gardening, contribute to their new society in a
meaningful way, achieve a greater sense of belonging in their new homeland
and achieve greater health, and spiritual well-being through their own produce
and serenity gardening.
If you care about current immigration policy, what's happening to our DACA dreamers
and the unwarranted trauma to which children and families are being subjected, please
donate today to these programs at FACTR and others at http://factr.org/make-adonation/
It is a sorrowful time for immigrants and those who care about them. So we say, yes, Cry, America! But, please, do also help the cause of immigrants under threat in our society today, due to stressful legal circumstances or other vulnerabilities. Donate at FACTR Today at http://factr.org/make-a-donation/
Wishing you a New Year full of renewed hope and abundant blessings.


Karita Hummer, LCSW, FACTR, President and Clinical Director

If you want to help immigrants in such plight and endangerment, donate to FACTR today! http://factr.org/make-a-donation/ For your tax records, our Federal Tax exemption number is: 26-2177441

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why I went to the Women's March in San Jose' yesterday?

I went to the Women's March yesterday in San Jose, and it was a most edifying and encouraging experience.

Police estimated the crowd at 25,000!  Surely, it marks a most historic statistic in the annals of marching in San Jose!  And, most definitely the nation!

The San Jose Mercury News gave Mayor Sam Liccardo's view of the Women's March: "In San Jose, Mayor Sam Liccardo tweeted an overhead photo of “a beautiful crowd” around City Hall, and added a hashtag that said, “This is what democracy looks like.”"  http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/01/20/bay-area-womens-marches-where-when-and-why/

CBS reported: "Assemblyman Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, was one of the speakers at the event and said it is the largest demonstration in San Jose’s history."  http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2017/01/21/san-jose-womens-march-protest/

So, why did I go to the Women's March in San Jose'?

I went to the women's March in San Jose' to:

  • support my sisters and brothers around the world, our nation's most vulnerable groups, refugees, immigrants, Muslims, "Minorities", gay,  impoverished, persons with disability, the multitude of incarcerated and people hungering for truth and justice
  • support truth; Trump received less than 2.8 million votes
  • demand an investigation into Trump's connections to Russia and to know what he knew, when he knew it, and how he knew it, and to discern how that connection to Putin affected the election, i.e. to question the legitimacy of this election
  • protest Trump's abominable Cabinet nominees
  • protest his conflicts of interest, thinking he is impeachable today!
  • try to put the brakes on Trump's most egregious promises, beginning with the proposed wall and deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants.

It certainly seems like I have been marching since the great 60's in this country, but this march was really amazing!!  A mass of people standing up for social justice and standing up to a bully, who has no mandate from the people, whose trigger reactions are scary beyond belief, and whose first actions portend a dire regressive turn in our country.

Trump's first actions:  Begin the rollback of Obamacare, eliminate the cuts in mortgage premium insurance rates, removal of references to Climate Change and LGBT issues and berating journalists for their accurate reporting on his paltry inauguration numbers, to be supported by a Press Secretary who cites "alternative facts" about those same attendance figures.  Who will ever believe him?  Not a good beginning!

If there is one motto appropriate to the times, surely this Jefferson quote stands out!

Friday, on the day of the inauguration, I also marched in protest at the Federal Building in San Jose' and my husband and I hung a black tie around one of our house columns, because our nation is not the one we knew.

As Mayor Sam Liccardo tweeted on the Day of the Women's March, "This is what democracy looks like!"

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Discharged! Donald Trump lands in America! Don't normalize, Organize, Resist!!

Definition of a daymare:  :  "a nightmarish fantasy experienced while awake"

further from Merriam Webster Dictionary

"Did You Know?

Long ago, the word nightmare designated an evil spirit that made its victims feel like they were suffocating in their sleep (prompting physician-botanist William Turner to introduce "a good remedy agaynst the stranglyng of the nyght mare" in 1562). By the early 1700s, the Age of Reason had arrived, nightmares were bad dreams, and "daymare" was a logically analogous choice when English speakers sought a word for a frightening and uncontrollable fantasy, a run-away daydream. And since the 1800s, when Charles Dickens wrote "a monstrous load that I was obliged to bear, a daymare that there was no possibility of breaking in, a weight that brooded on my wits" in David Copperfield, we’ve been using "daymare" figuratively. For example, today we might refer to "a logistical daymare.""
This morning when I awoke and started ambling along, remembering the inauguration to come in six days, I had a daymare!  
I remembered when I was 12 years old, practicing in air raid drills, how to become prepared for bombs coming from Russia! I remembered how me and my classmates hid under our desks during those air raid drills! It was the Fifties after all!!  The age of bomb shelters and air raid drills!!

The daymare went like this!  We have finally been bombed, and, indeed, the bomb apparently did get discharged from Russia. After all these years, the bomb has finally been launched, and has landed, in the form of Donald Trump, delivered after all these years, despite detente and all that!
What a daymare, it is!!  
Karit Hummer 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Immigrant Story: No 2000 mile wall and No Muslim Registry!!

Remember our roots. With the exception of the Native American, our family histories all include an immigrant story. Look at this iconic image of a family of early last century, having arrived at Ellis Island, viewing the Statue of Liberty for the first time, having brought all their hopes and dreams for a better life, and, at once, bringing to these shores their great sense of family values and hopeful, dedicated spirit, enriching their new homeland forever. Let us be the Welcoming nation we always have been!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

I had a dream! In Abraham Lincoln's shoes, not!!

Last night I had a dream of Abraham Lincoln, the trigger for which must surely be the abhorrence I am feeling by the transition to power of someone so unworthy to lead our nation as Donald Trump. In the dream, Abraham Lincoln gave me a commendation, and I was filled with the glow of pride to have been recognized by someone of such moral character and noble purpose as Abraham Lincoln. Over the years, I have often thought that the Civil War had never really ended and that the nation's ugly underbelly of racism and bigotry of all kinds was just below the surface. Now, such odious symptoms have been crassly stirred by the sheerest of demagogic rhetoric in an artful game in which the nation surely loses as a whole. Perhaps, tapping into the memory of what Abraham Lincoln brought us through, we might find our way home again. Because, surely Trumpland is a strange country in which many of us have lost our moorings.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why we need the dream team of Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson to lead our nation?

We need a new direction for these times!! I suggest the dream team of Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson to lead our nation What are the times? Endless war, Surveillance State, Global warming and Climate catastrophe, more inequality, more unemployment, Drones and Human Rights abuses, we can't afford the status quo! Far right politics and compromising centrism has gotten us close to disaster. Time to step away from tht dangerous precipice. Karita Hummer

I  couldn't agree more!! from a feature-length article in the New Republic on Monday, titled "Hillary's Nightmare? A Democratic Party That Realizes Its Soul Lies With Elizabeth Warren"  My dream team, Elzabeth Warren for president and Alan Grayson for Vice President!  Karita Hummer